Boston WordCamp 2015 – Takeaways

The 2015 edition of Boston WordCamp was held on July 18th and 19th at Boston University. Like last year I attended the event and here is a little selection of my favorite talks :

WCB2015 XSS, CSRF, SQLI, WTH(?!?) – The Truth on Theme Security

By Michael Cain

Nothing that I didn’t knew but security is one of those topics where I feel like you should always welcome a reminder!

HTTP 2 and You

By Zack Tollman

Probably my favorite talk of this year’s edition. This talk made me realize how very little I knew about HTTP2 and how amazing it’s going to be.

Best Friend or Worst Enemy – Multisite Do’s and Don’ts

By Taylor McCaslin

I had very little experience with WordPress Multisites before working at Harvard. Taylor’s talk is definitely worth watching if you are considering using WordPress Networks.

Local and Staging for Multiperson Development

By William P. Davis

As a developer I always look for ways to improve my workflow and we’ve been discussing a lot with my colleagues how we could make our dev/test/deploy process easier and more efficient so I was very curious to listen to William’s presentation.