What I learned at yesterday’s Boston WordPress Meetup

Yesterday I attended to the monthly Boston WordPress Meetup. This month’s talk by Jesse Friedman (@professor) was dedicated to security.

I thought I would share here a few interesting things I learned.

You can use pass phrases as password in WordPress

What’s the easiest to remember? iuf8??Ui87ox# or in 2007 pigs were flying in Boston. And according to you which one is the most secure as a password? Well according to Jesse the latest is as good as the earliest if not better. Awesome right??

2 plugins you and I should try : BruteProtect and Clef

BruteProtect is developed by Jesse’s company Parka and offers :

a cloud-powered Brute Force attack prevention plugin. We leverage the millions of WordPress sites to identify and block malicious IPs.BruteProtect tracks failed login attempts across all installed users of the plugin. If any single IP has too many failed attempts in a short period of time, they are blocked from logging in to any site with this plugin installed.

Read more and install

Clef offers :

Secure, easy, passwordless 2-factor authentication in less than 10 minutes. Clef is a mobile app that replaces usernames and passwords with your smartphone.

Read more and install

And many other things

Jesse also shared a lot of other tricks and advices that I was already aware of but you might still want to learn so I encourage you to watch the full talk on BWPM website when it will be available.