How I operate as a freelancer

  • My hourly rate is $100 USD / hour.
  • All work is estimated in advance, quotes are purely informational. I will always let you know and ask for your approval before I go over the estimated time.
  • All my hours are billed except the first initial conference call and estimate. I bill by the half hour, rounded up to the next half hour.
  • I track my time using Harvest. My invoices include a detailed breakdown of my work time.
  • I send my invoices either at the completion of a job, or at the end of each month if the project spans several months. For large project I usually request 30% of the estimated hours as a retainer.
  • I retain ownership of all design and source code until all invoices are paid and project is delivered (email including the technical documentation and source code).
  • All invoices are due upon receipt.